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PineCone Research is at the forefront of "online research", today's sophisticated and leading-edge approach to gathering consumer opinions.  Consumer input is vital to the development of new and improved products. 

Traditional survey methods, although effective, can be inconvenient and time consuming.  Online research helps solve this dilemma.  With online research, you can answer surveys from the comfort and convenience of your own PC and at a time that is convenient for you.
Why You?

As a PineCone Research panelist, you are part of an elite group that represents consumers nationwide.  As such, your opinion is very important to manufacturers who count on people like yourself to help predict which product ideas are winners and which are losers.

Joining a new products panel like PineCone Research lets you voice the opinion of households that are similar to yours.  You directly influence which products get developed and help ensure that these products meet consumer demands.  Your opinion will have an impact on everything from product performance to style, varieties, features, pricing...you name it.  Because you represent the target markets manufacturers are trying to reach, they put a lot of faith in what you have to say.  We think you'll find the surveys fun and interesting.

It Pays To Join

Your opinion is always worth something to us.  We are happy to compensate you each time you evaluate a product.  You can expect to be called upon to answer a survey once or twice a month.

How It Works
  • We will notify you by email of upcoming product surveys.
  • You will be provided with a password which will enable you to access the survey at a designated website.
  • We will compensate for completed product evaluation surveys.
  • Occasionally we may ship you a product to test.
  • Project evaluation surveys average 15 to 20 minutes to complete.
  • Occasionally we may ask other members of your household to complete a questionnaire if the product is more appropriate for someone in your household other than yourself.
  • From time to time we may send you a few questions regarding your household.  These questions assist us in sending appropriate product surveys to you.  For example, we may need households who are pet owners or households who do not have pets.  Your voluntary participation in these questionnaires is extremely important.
  • Remember... you complete all product surveys from the comfort and convenience of your PC.

Your Privacy

Your privacy will be respected and the confidentiality of your answers will be maintained.  Your opinion will be counted along with that of others.  Your personal household information will be grouped and analyzed together with the information of other households.  In addition, no one will ever attempt to sell you anything, and you will never be expected to purchase any products.  We value your opinion!

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