Picture Welcome to the Point Plus Cash Incentive program!

This new plan provides additional flexibility for your payment redemption. The points you receive for each survey completed can be redeemed for cash or for items from our website. The value of the points will be equivalent to what you currently receive in cash.

You will have the option to redeem your points for merchandise after completion of one study or to save the points to redeem a larger item from the website. If you choose the cash-out option you are able to do the same. You can redeem your cash after one survey or you can accumulate points over a period of time and redeem them for a larger check at a later time.

We are happy to be able to add options to your rewards experience.

Thank you for your continued interest in our panel and we look forward to being able to include you in future surveys.

How do I redeem my rewards?
Simply go to the Pinecone Research website and enter your login information. From there, click on the Redeem My Points button to access the reward site. Under the merchandise tab, you can browse or select the items you wish to redeem. Once you click on an item you are interested in, you can click on "add to cart" if you have enough points or "add to wish list" for larger items you want to save up for. Once you have added items to your cart, you must click "checkout" to complete your order.
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How do I select the cash out option?
Follow steps to redeem your rewards. Once logged into the reward site, under Departments List in the left column, click Featured Awards then select Cash Out option from the list. Click the Cash Option at the bottom of the list then select the quantity of $3 amounts you wish to redeem. If you receive payment via Everywhere Reward™ Debit MasterCard®, funds will continue to be loaded onto your card. If you are currently receiving PayPal payments, then you will be able to continue receiving PayPal payments with the Cash Option. Please note that if you request multiple cash payments it will be combined and issued as one payment for your convenience (i.e. 3 x payment will be one payment of $9). Click on "add to cart" and click "checkout" to complete your order.
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When can I expect to be rewarded for my participation?
Your reward is processed and will be posted to your account the next business day following the completion of your product evaluation survey. Your notification of reward will be sent to you via email.
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When can I expect to receive my payment after I redeem for the cash out option?
Once you submit your order for the cash out option, it will be processed in 1-3 business days. Your payment will be sent to you via your previous preferred payment method (check, Everywhere Reward™ Debit MasterCard®, or PayPal). For panelists who receive payment by check, you will need to allow several days for typical mail delivery. For panelists who receive payment via Everywhere Reward™ Debit MasterCard®, you will receive an email notification from Scott@pineconeresearch.com that payment has been posted to your card. For panelists who receive payment by PayPal, the funds will be deposited to your PayPal account and your notification of payment will come to you from our panelpayment@pcrint.com email address. If you previously received your payments via check and would like to take advantage of PayPal, please email me at Scott@pineconeresearch.com.
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Do I receive rewards for completing Household Questions?
PineCone members do not receive rewards for the household questions that you may be asked to complete. Your responses to these brief questionnaires enable us to send you product evaluations, which are rewarded, that are more specific to your household.
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How Many Points Do I Have?
You can always check your Point balance by clicking on My Account on the points redemption site.
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Will my Points expire?
Points earned on or after November 1, 2012 will be valid until there is no earning activity for two (2) consecutive calendar years and will expire at the end of that two-year period.
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Will I be notified when I am sent my reward?
Yes. You will receive an email confirmation notice from pineconerewards@eu.biworldwide.com. Please add this email address to your Safe Senders list to ensure delivery of our emails.
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I don't want to be switched to the Point Plus Cash Incentive program. What can I do?
The Point Plus Cash Incentive program is designed to provide panelists additional ways to use their incentives. You will still have a Cash Out option to receive cash via your previous method of payment. Due to recent changes in the operations of our panel, this transition is a requirement of your continued membership. We hope you will continue your participation and try out this wonderful feature. If you still wish to be removed, please use the opt out link below.
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What should I do if I receive “Costs exceeds balance” when I try to cash out?
  • You may have added too many products to their cart unwittingly. To check that your basket is empty before you add your desired cash out, the top right hand corner of the screen should have no other items in the cart.
  • You may have another catalogue session open in another browser window or tab. We have seen it before where a user has a previous session open, add products to that basket, forget about it, then open a new browser window and try to add products which then causes the error message.
  • If none of these ideas work, then you will need to contact the rewards team:
    Representatives are available to assist you: 7 A. M. to 7 P.M. Central Time, Monday through Friday. 800-870-6927

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I cannot log into the Rewards website when I click on Redeem My Points. What should I do?
Some panelists have experienced issues redirecting to the Rewards site when clicking on the "Redeem My Points" button within their user profile. This appears to be an issue related to settings in FireFox. If you experience this issue, then please try using another browser such as Internet Explorer or Google Chrome.
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